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Our dreams are often surprising, disturbing and can even be alarming. Certain nightmares disrupt our nights and can affect our days.
We sometimes have lasting impressions as our dreams possess underlying significations. But what does the science say about dreams? Is it necessary to worry about our dreams? Oranum will provide some answers below.

Do our dreams really have a meaning?

You dreamt about a train may mean that you need to change. To dream of a ladder means that you may need to face something. To dream of a forest means you need to return to your roots.


We have all a heard of some type of dream interpretation.

Ordinary or fantastic dreams, what does this mean?

Some nights you may have very strange and fantastic dreams while others dream about completely ordinary situations, it has either no specific meaning. Indeed, we have several dreams every night (approximately all 90 in 100 minutes). Moreover, it is not because you remember the most trivial that you did not have a very strange dream during the same night! You simply forgot it.

When problems arise from the dream?

There is all the same a situation where the contents of the dreams can raise problems, it is when they involve a sudden awakening in sweat, with a rapid heartbeat, a panic, etc. or systematics. Let us remind you that when you dream, an activity takes place in the brain in the same way as when we are participating in events during our awakening hours. But if the emotional experience is too intense, the sleep does not resist it. That is why nightmares can wake us and put us in a state of anxiety, even panic. A lack of sleep may be experienced if the situation repeats. Try to decrease the stress during the day, it can eliminate nightmares. But if nothing works, consult a doctor: sleep is precious!

Dreams warning of more serious disorders

He can arrive that dreams are warning of real health problems. Certain neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease or certain insanities can show themselves by violent dreams which the person makes rough movements their bed. Also, extremely disturbing recurring dreams and presenting bloody scenes, and violence can be compatible with mental pathologies as the psychoses.

What alerts us in our dreams?

Attention, these situations are rare with regard to the number of persons who simply dream, or nightmares! Only certain very precise situations should alert you.
The dreams are very different from your normal dreams.
The dreams appear to be rough while your life remained the same.
The person who shares your bed is disturbed by your behavior during the sleep.
In these cases, a visit at the doctor is imperative. He will can, if necessary, direct you to a private hospital of the sleep for an analysis of your nights.
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Like in the movie Inception, you think that it is possible to connect and to speak with people through dreams. On the symbolic plan, yes it is possible to connect and to interact with persons thanks to the dreams. The spirit of the dream serves as "dress rehearsal" for what you wish to say to this person in the real life. In this respect, your dreams are certainly going to help you to communicate better with the person. Your dreams can offer a means to help you and show you how to speak to certain persons.
This phenomenon of dreams telepathic would be a psychic or paranormal dream shape. There are stories of extremely close persons, such as twins or a mother and child, who are capable of communicating via their dreams.

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Benefits of Dream Interpretation

dream-interpretation-oranum-1Dreams hold valuable meanings that can help us in our waking lives. Some dreams are warning telling us that something could be coming in our lives and other dreams are omens of great things to come. In order to really understand what our dreams are telling us, it is best to break the dream down and begin to interpret the meaning. Oranum offers their clients the most in depth dream interpretation available.

Once we understand what our dreams are trying to tell us, we can take the appropriate actions in our waking lives. There are many benefits to understanding and interpreting our dreams. Our unconscious mind is in charge of our dreams and through the dreams our unconscious is telling us what steps to take in order to avoid bad results.
dream-interpretation-oranum-2 Thus, it is important to really understand what the messages our dreams are telling us. You can learn the truth about everything through dream interpretation, and that is exactly what the Oranum Experts do. They help their clients understand the meaning of their dreams which helps unlock the answers to issues in their waking lives. If you are ready to dissect your dreams in order to better understand their messages, Oranum is here to help.

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During our life, we must face some difficulties from time to time, whether it is about a psychological, financial, personal or a sentimental matter. We try to fix our own problems and there are several ways to do it. Of course if such problems are minor problems, then we do not need to meet a clairvoyant to assist us. We typically just have to speak with our parents, our relatives or our friends to find some answers. They usually advise us or recommend to us as best as they can. But sometimes, we are faced with problems which are much more complicated … And from there, we are going to look at those who are deeply specialized and will be able to provide us with the right answers: we are talking about the clairvoyants from Oranum, the largest spiritual community:

As a matter of fact, many people know that mind-reading and psychics have an important role in the modern world. Formerly, the clairvoyants and mediums were considered as being crooks or thieves. But nowadays, they have become much respected. You may have noticed on a random street or in a given district, there are more and more stores dealing with clairvoyance and associated products or services. Besides, clairvoyants’ techniques have evolved in accordance with the current civilizations. Actually, technology is in our lives every day, the web and internet are everywhere, the clairvoyant has become much more reachable to many.
A large number of people are looking for online psychics services, for a mind-reading, a dream interpretation etc. and Oranum, the largest spiritual online community, is their answer.

The most renowned psychics are on Oranum

Oranum is the well-known global spiritual community that enables you to have free discussions with tarot masters, psychics and other specialists. Actually, it is the first place you will consider while you need an answer that could help you fix an issue. The success around Oranum is clean and neat, and is mainly due to the large number of psychics available on Oranum platform in various countries, and in various languages. Oranum was born to feed this need, the real desire of the team that built Oranum was to help people and provide them with a quick and efficient solution that did not exist prior to the birth of Oranum. The online clairvoyants are nowadays much appreciated, because it is possible to enjoy a consultancy with a psychic without having to meet in person. You talk to the clairvoyant online and you see the clairvoyant online, through Oranum. That is the Oranum revolution.


Online clairvoyance is crucial today, an essential part for those who like to have a better life. Due to their experience, Oranum experts and the most renowned psychics in the world who are present on Oranum were able to help millions of people in need of a clairvoyant. Whether it is for a sentimental issue (how to handle my divorce), a financial problem (you have a large debt and you seek an advice), Oranum experts will help. The clairvoyants will listen to your problems, will look into your past and present, and will then let you know what steps you should take in the future to eliminate your current problems. Some individuals require a consultation with a psychic, even for minor issues. They come to Oranum to seek advice to improve their daily life. Others come for a free love consultation to have an idea on his/her compatibility, frankness etc… The existence of a global community of psychics – Oranum - will help us in any daily problems we may have to cope with.
More and more people use the services of clairvoyants to guide them and to help them solve their professional or personal problems. It is most often difficult if not impossible to speak with a relative or a close friend by fear of being not understood. It could be a question of shame. It could be the case that your parents or your friends already have some problems themselves. Your Oranum psychic is just here to help you, by bringing the answers to all the questions you have.

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